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Posted on April 3, 2013 by admin

We love Sweden and we love the eccentric! While maintaining its profound respect for craftsmanship, Eton Spring summer 2013 collection looks smart and stylish. With its non-iron finish and expert tailoring, Eton of Sweden is a global leader in producing high quality business shirts. This year’s Fish print is either a well-made shirt and a cool item to have in the closet and wear in spring.  Eton is a brand that dates back to the year 1928 when Annie and David Pettersson started a new business making fine shirts. Ever since, quality and attention to detail has been the heart of everything  they do.They believe in  genuine craftsmanship combined with cutting edge weaving technology and a unique finishing process. Over the years, they have been able to grow from a small two-person operation in Gånghester, Sweden, to a company known worldwide of  superior quality.

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Posted on April 3, 2013 by Isabella Cecconi

The photographer I would like to share with you today, traveled everywhere in the world. You can catch the feeling of adventure from his pictures. He captured the fashion world in its peeks of drama and elegance. He worked with models like Ceacil Beaton worked with aristocrats. I’m of course talking about Norman Parkinson. Parkinson was elegantly English, tall and charming and had great care of his subjects. His pictures were a solid body of work that we now all cherish with care. The simplicity of his shots had a peculiar charm and were perfectly positioned with silhouettes, landscapes, decorations. Althrough his career he worked majorly with Vogue Magazine, which sustained his free sense of movement. Parkinson images are easy to describe because easy to perceive and we all must admit, that followers like Mario Testino or Tim Walker have a huge debt of acknowledgement to their predecessor whose incredible mind is a real lyrical pictorical ballad.


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Posted on April 3, 2013 by Maxim Deluxe

RHYE are composed by the Canadian Mike Milosh and the Danish Robin Hannibal. They released singles “Open” and “The Fall” online without much detail that led to speculation about the band. “Woman’ ,the debut album, confirm the L.A.  based dream pop duo as one of the best indie bands actually on the scene. ‘Woman’ is made of lush ballads arranged for piano, violin and synths with Sade -inspired vocals. Intimate and cozy, it sounds as if lead singer Mike Milosh is whispering in your ear.



Posted on April 2, 2013 by admin

Speaking of mobiles, look at this one! It is an unique piece by Jkits and it’s sold on line at United Bamboo. Willing to entertain your kid, your cat, your fishes? This is a cute item also to be played outside now that the season is opening up. Meet the strong-man, green tiger jumping through a ring of fire, Dainty trapeze- girl and baby blue elephant balancing on a geo ball. Aren’t they lovely? This mobile is hand- made of papier mache, twigs, twine and water based soy prints. See the circus rolling on your heads.


Posted on April 2, 2013 by admin

Wonder what, between all humanity’s changes from the 70’s on, really improved our lives? It’s easy. The Internet of course was a revolution, but the mobile phone too, really made us different. That little object, once big and heavy, that allow us to be everywhere in every minute. For people born after 1989, which is the date of the launch of the very first mobile phone called Microtac 9800x by Motorola, this post may be strange or meaningless, but to us, (older or agés), we remember very well when we were forced to stay home all day to wait for a phone call. And that was unpleasant. The history starts with a phone call made by Martin Cooper on the 3th of April 1973. He made it with a phone that weighted more than 1 kilos. A really simple machine with no display and a battery autonomy of 30 minutes only. From that day, humanity changed. Now 6.800 millions of people have a mobile phone, nobody depends on a phone box any longer and times are faster, problems can be solved in minutes. Have you ever been  saved from a mobile call? Please remember that it hasn’t been that easy in the past and say thank you a million of times to Mr. Martin Cooper. The way we are living is really changed thanks to him.