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Posted on August 16, 2012 by Anna Torossi

Despite what peope think, I’m kind of a messy girl and my mother is always complaining since I’m not able to be more disciplinate. But inside myself, lies a little control freak that showed herself when I began dancing. It was quite a shock to me finding out that by following rules and having discipline I could be able to be as graceful as dancers I always envied.
I really miss dancing, so when I found Chelsea P. Rowe dance photographs my heart skipped a beat. Far away from the stereotyped images often offered to us when we search for dance photos, full of pretty ballerinas and dancing couples, her shots convey all the power and the grace that dancers have. Also in these images we can see all the tension in the bodies and the hard work that must be behind such graceful and plastic poses. Chelsea is a dancer herself and that gives us a privileged view on dancing and movement, a view we would probably never get from photos taken by a profane.
If you want to see what dance is made of, take a look here: