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Posted on July 25, 2012 by admin

Now please, don’t get me wrong, ok? I love knives. I just do. Yes, knives. Actually pocketknives. Since I was a kid in Tuscany, since my grandpa gave me one. Since I started having a remembrance of me jumping like a frog in the countryside climbing on trees to steal figs and other fruits, cutting and carving pieces of wood to make small girandoles. Yes I was a tomboy and yes I simply love to remember that part of me that actually never parted from me. If you consider the fact that I, nowaday, being in the fanciest situation ever, I bring my pocket knife with me. It’s usually crammed into my make up little case. In this very case I’d love to talk about a pocket knife I adore. Germany and Switzerland of course, are major industries of pocket knives. I fell in love with OTTER-Messer since the very beginning. If you consider the knives they produce, are all small treasures, hand made in Solingen, a German town by professional craftsmen. The anchor pocket knife is one of my favourite produced by the OTTER-Messer factory. It features a razor, sharp carbon steel blade, wooden handle and brass anchor inlay. This knife is a mark of quality. OTTER-Messer was founded in 1840 by the Berns brothers in Königsmühle, Solingen, a region of Bergisch Land. They manufactured simple and strong pocket knives finished with wooden scales, all of them hand made, grinded, stropped (straightened with a leather strap), and polished in their small factory.  The otters who lived in the streams and brooks next the little factory inspired the both the logo and the name. Today’s knives are still manufactured and stropped by hand. This anchor inlayed sailor’s knife is a great example of the quality of Otter-Messer knives. Boasting a broad curved blade for control, a weatherproof hardwood handle and the iconic brass anchor inlay, it is functional for a number of applications. Go grab one and let’s climb another tree!