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Posted on September 27, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

Los Angeles based Marilyn Glass, one of the foremost private dealers-collectors of couture and vintage fashion, is currently selling a selection of marvelous hats by Adrian Ltd.  Adrian Adolph Greenberg, born on March 3 1903, was widely known as Adrian, the fabulous dress maker. He was maybe the best  American costume designer ever existed and  worked non stop for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer from 1930 till 1940. During his career, Adrian designed costumes for over 250 films and his screen credits ,usually read as “Gowns by Adrian” , were  spectacular trademarks of never reached before beauty. The Wizard Of Oz, The Women, Lovely To Look At, Camille, Grand Hotel, Anna Karenina are only few of the films he “dressed” . He not only created a neat style for a  deluxe parallel Hollywood world but also forged the images of many actresses. Just think about Joan Crawford’s outfits and her large shoulder pads. They made her look unique, powerful and later spawned a fashion trend that soon conquered the majority of women. In late 40s, Adrian left MGM and established his own fashion house. From this last period of work comes Marilyn Glass’s hats: some were made to order for big department store, some were custom made for Adrian’s demanding clientele. If you like to collect fashion pieces, these hats are museum ones,  you cannot miss this sale. If you don’t mind the possession, just browse them for fun. The genius of millinery? Adrian had it.

Photo: 1947 Adrian Hat Ad via