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Posted on December 12, 2012 by admin

Fondazione Altagamma was created to bring together more than 70 brands working in the top end of the Italian and international markets in fashion, design, hospitality, perfumery, jewellery, food and well-being sectors. In few words it’s an association of companies that stand out for innovation, quality, service and prestige. A manner to preserve Italian culture and style  and to promote its industry of excellence by supporting it and operating in the areas of knowledge, institutional relations, business culture, training and international development. To celebrate  its 20th anniversary, Fondazione Altagamma presents ALTAGAMMA – ITALIAN CONTEMPORARY EXCELLENCE, a photographic project to recount the values that have enabled the assertion of Italian top of the range in the world, and the relevant companies, through the language of images.

The art of knowing how to do it, the sense of beauty, the connection with its territory and of course culture. But also craftsmanship and technology, innovation and creativity, style, the art of living – Altagamma’s challenge is to represent the values of Italian quality products which have ordained their success. The project, arranged by Cristina Morozzi, has two parallel developments. One is the publication of a book of photographs, edited by Rizzoli  created with the Contrasto reporters Lorenzo Cicconi Massi, Daniele Dainelli, Nicolò Degiorgis, Simona Ghizzoni, Martino Lombezzi, Alex Majoli, Paolo Pellegrin, Lorenzo Pesce, Marta Sarlo and Massimo Siragusa while the other is an itinerant exhibition with a selection of 65 photos on display, to start with,  at the Triennale in Milan, from 13 December 2012. It’s time to celebrate Italian excellence, it’s time to understand its vital importance.

Photo above by Daniele Dainelli, San Pellegrino headquarters.

Photo by Marta Sarlo, Salvatore Ferragamo

Photo by NicoloDegiorgis, Driade