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Posted on December 13, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

The first time I wrote about Elise, she was 26 years old and stranger to me. Not that I know her now perfectly, but I consider her friend to me. Back in 2010, she was a tranquil photographer of sublime visions. Simple, light in flowing, alluring and multilayered. Generally growing up happens to everybody. Surviving to trouble or to a struggle and then recover from it, creates professionality, skillfullness. Elise growed up or this is what it seems. Staring at her new images and works is to me an evocative reminiscence of pleasure. She is professional. She seems to have total control of her shooting eye. The images still glow, like they used to years ago, but they seem wiser, less shy they appear with more force. Her evocations are now thick, in space, in concept, in colors. He photography is pretty poetic, capturing the ethereal moment and making it super romantic. Photos are sensitive to beauty, to action, to exposure. The ordinary is transformed into something new, fresher, more and more engaging.  A smile, a gesture, a brief moment, the one that changes everything. The past sometimes reminds us of the scars, those which are now a safe space of appreciation. Elise Boularan is a photographer whose ability will never stop to improve, providing from her personal experience her own guideline.