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Posted on June 23, 2012 by Teresa Cannata'

Galaxy prints are not a new trend – just ask Christopher Kane – but their magic is still intact. Despite being practically everywhere – on swimsuits, shoes and all kind of dresses – there’s something mysterious about wearing a galaxy-printed item. Romanticism, a certain charm of the unknown and probably a thrill of horror vacui: the idea of endless spaces surrounding our planet can be related to many different concepts. A designer who has used these ideas in her creations is the Greek-born Athena Procopiou: Ziggy, her collection of scarves and kimonos, reproduces beautiful galaxy prints which open an imaginary window into the unknown.

The name of the collection is a reference to the persona that David Bowie created in the early 1970s: the alien entity who embodies the ultimate rock star has definitely served as the perfect source of inspiration for the designer. Procopiou brings her eclectic background into her designs: she studied piano for many years, then moved to Paris (where she studied art) and later to London, where she graduated from Central St Martins.

Two Moons is one of the most inspiring prints of the collection, and can be found on a scarf and on a kimono, both of which are made of modal and cashmere.

The overlapping two moons emerge from a galaxy background, where a tiny bolt can be found, too – another reference to Bowie and the trademark lightning bolt-painted face on the cover of Aladdin Sane, published in 1973. 

The scarf is a great and multifunctional accessory and can give an unusual touch to any outfit; I would wear the galaxy kimono with flared jeans and a rock t-shirt: Metallica’s Ride the Lightning t-shirt would be perfect, so as to amplify the lightning imagery.