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Posted on August 8, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

I like when the “process”  makes sense. I like when a young designer step out from the crowd after working half of his life for a Maison without being credited nor, in some cases, well payed. I don’t like when designers are big and works under others name, or have 20 lines, or do the “I’m an artist” game and then, smelling bling blings, get back in a “je le change tout”  mood. There are precise processes: you cannot go and say fashion sucks- art is what I want to do- and then go back to make rags. Anyway, nothing of that happened to Cedric Charlier. His story is quite classical, he is a boy devoted to what he was meant to. Fashion. Born in Belgium, Charlier graduated from the school of Visual Arts of Brusslels winning the Moêt Hennessy Fashion Award in 1998.  Two years at Céline in Paris and other two at Jean Paul Knott’s studio were just a prelude. Afterwards he joined Alber Elbaz’s team at Lanvin where he spent six years. There, he caught the attention of Jean Bousquet, who in 2009 commissioned Cédric Charlier to create a new dynamic positioning for Cacharel. Cédric worked four seasons as artistic director before setting up his own brand: this is his very first collection showed in Paris last February. A remarkable work, an intimate vision of pureness and fluidity that are so rare nowadays. The palette is classic with a touch of bronze. Have you ever seen a full-fanfare bronze that cannot be considered tacky? Well here you have it, served chilled. “Scream and Shout”? Not at Charlier.

Above and below, pictures from CC fall/winter 2012 collection.