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Posted on May 14, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

Cheap, attractive and well-built. Bella cameras, made by Bilora, even if sounded Italian, were produced in Germany in the 50’s. These cameras’ bodies were based on alloy castings, with leather effect coverings of various color combinations. The back was removable for film loading and most models featured a different, large back catch. Bilora made 44 models of Bella. Produced in the 50’s, the aluminium body made the camera very sturdy and gave it a precious appearance. Bella was remarkably easy to operate. Its features were modest, but useful: it used 127 film, it had a three speed shutter, or two if not considering the B pose. There were two aperture choices: F/8 and f/11. Bella Bilora, a nice tongue twister and a precious little jewel.