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Posted on November 5, 2012 by admin

He was the very first Paparazzo, he was the one that invented “Assault Photography”. Tazio Secchiaroli was born in Rome in 1925. He did several modest jobs before devoting his life to photography. He was 14 when he started, an aunt gave him a camera as a present, and since then never stopped shooting. Rome was his main inspiration:  inhabitants, friends, places. In the immediate postwar period he became a constant presence in Via Veneto where he was shooting all the VIPs and making connections that lead him to know Federico Fellini. His own agency  was opened in 1950 and called “Roma Press Photo” . After “La Dolce Vita” Secchiarioli got famous and from being a celebrities enemy he became a friend of them. He soon left streets,  started to work with Sofia Loren and became her personal photographer. For almost 20 years he produced  the best images of the Italian Goddess and documented her life with a sharp and clear eye. The body of work of Tazio Secchiaroli is unique, vast and span from his assaults photos to more artistic poses. A great genius, an important plug for contemporary photography, a real pigheaded fellow that wanted nothing but telling the truth.