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Posted on July 1, 2013 by Editorial Staff

Gunpei Yokoi began working at Nintendo in 1965, right after he graduated from Doshisha University with a degree in electronics. Yokoi spent many years developing toys and once the company shifted its focus to video-games development, he was asked to develop new ideas for the market. After seeing a businessman playing with his calculator, Yokoi conceived the Game and Watch handheld concept. The Game & Watch product line went on to feature 59 different titles, including classics like Mario Bros or Donkey Kong. Ever since he has been known as a legendary and highly influential figure not just in Nintendo history, but in the history of the video games industry as a whole.

His, was a life dedicated to inventions,his most famous one was the revolutionary Game Boy, a portable video game station. People who worked with him would describe him as an astonishing personality of humble origins, pioneer in inventions that changed the face of the video game industry. At Nintendo, Gunpei Yokoi was one of the company’s most beloved and respected employees. A jovial, easy-going guy who loved British cars. He died of a car crash in 1997 in an unfortunate accident just outside the Nintendo headquarters.