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Posted on October 9, 2013 by Editorial Staff

Born in Casablanca in 1936, Joseph Ettedgui, usually known as Joseph, started his career as an hairdresser opening his salon in London King’s road in 1960. The swinging London was booming and this smart, yet creative man, was enjoying his life. Changing , completely, one person’s look in one hour it was a mission to him. But his great passion was fashion and he started to go to Paris fashion weeks to see the ready to wear collections where he met Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, usually known as Kenzo, and they started a business collaboration. Joseph started to sell Kenzo’s multicolored jumpers in his salon: it was an immediate success and the beginning of Joseph “the retailer”, the fashion patron, the mentor of many designers. Galliano, Hamnett, Howell and Alaia, they were not only marvelously displayed in Joseph’s boutique but they were also taken care, advised and beloved as kids. Joseph way of merchandising was very special. His windows displays were always exceptional and his way of working, to us, was located between that special point where fashion fun meet the everyday life. Credited to be one of the best retailers ever lived, Jospeh seemed a whole “Cut The Ribbon” to us. Because everybody can sell, but few can really change the way people needs clothes and help fashion in his never ending mutation process.