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Posted on October 3, 2013 by Editorial Staff

Many women played hard to win something, equality, respect, acceptance or just first place. This week’s cut the ribbon is not dedicated to just one person, it’s dedicated to all those women who, being  journalists, sports journalists, have fought for their place, for their rights, for equity. The courage and perseverance of women like Melissa Ludtke, Claire Smith, Lesley Visser, Christine Brennan, Lisa Olson and Robin Herman,  standing up for their rights, fighting for access and yes, entering and being allowed in men locker rooms. Women who broke down a huge professional barrier. Robin Herman, for instance, was the first female sports reported of the NY times to be allowed to access to athletes in the postgame locker room unexpectedly in 1975. 35 years ago postgame interviews were allowed only to men. This year’s documentary, LET THEM WEAR TOWELS, has been dedicated to this issue. The Harlow recommends the vision…“It was important to be bold. It was a matter of equity.”