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Posted on April 2, 2013 by admin

Wonder what, between all humanity’s changes from the 70’s on, really improved our lives? It’s easy. The Internet of course was a revolution, but the mobile phone too, really made us different. That little object, once big and heavy, that allow us to be everywhere in every minute. For people born after 1989, which is the date of the launch of the very first mobile phone called Microtac 9800x by Motorola, this post may be strange or meaningless, but to us, (older or agés), we remember very well when we were forced to stay home all day to wait for a phone call. And that was unpleasant. The history starts with a phone call made by Martin Cooper on the 3th of April 1973. He made it with a phone that weighted more than 1 kilos. A really simple machine with no display and a battery autonomy of 30 minutes only. From that day, humanity changed. Now 6.800 millions of people have a mobile phone, nobody depends on a phone box any longer and times are faster, problems can be solved in minutes. Have you ever been  saved from a mobile call? Please remember that it hasn’t been that easy in the past and say thank you a million of times to Mr. Martin Cooper. The way we are living is really changed thanks to him.