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Posted on February 5, 2013 by admin

Ney Matogrosso born August  1, 1941, in Bela Vista, Mato Grosso do Sul, is a Brazilian singer, performer, gay icon. Despite  enlisting himself in the Brazilian Air Force at the age of 17, he never lost his passion for singing and drag performances and joined a quartet that went touring festivals through Brazil immediately after. In 1966, Matogrosso  moved to Rio De Janeiro where he lived as a hippie by selling art and crafts but it’s in Sao Paulo that his life changed. Entering the glam rock group “Secos y Molhados” made him a phenomenon that sold  1 million records and introduced in Brazil a never seen before sexuality freedom. During the dark years of the military dictatorship and despite a strong dose of derision, this marvelous artist imposed  himself as an exotic performer that served also as an example of liberation and a model of sexual freedom for an entire generation.  If people is now going to Brazil on holiday for its flamboyant tolerance towards sexual differences, it’s maybe also because of this man called Ney Matogrosso. As  Rolling Stone  ranked him as the third-largest Brazilian singer of all time, we would like also to position him in our list of pioneers and people that influenced the present called “Cut The Ribbon”.

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