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Posted on July 12, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

It’s time to think about fall winter 2012. Almost every serious online and non online boutique has a whole new season coming in. I like that. I like to surf the net and see collections again. I like to do the budget, I like imagining myself freezing in snow with this or that coat on. For me the only way to escape this summer fanfare, is thinking about the autumn. Not that I detest summer, but I love clothes. The more I have on the better I feel. That’s why I don’t get nudism, I don’t understand it.  If you want to get rid of your clothes, it means you don’t like them. And, it’s a matter of fact, if you don’t like your clothes you are like suffering 10 moths a year ( unless you own a tropical island). It’s just my opinion and it counts less than anything, and it’s my opinion that you have the best fall 2012 jumper posted above. It’s from Delikatessen, a Dutch brand that started some years ago and I favourite immediately. Andrzej Lisowski and Stephen Hartog  started the line after meeting at the Barcelona airport in July 2004. Stephen liked Andrzej’s shirt and complemented on it. 5 years later in Amsterdam, Delikatessen was born. The brand encapsulates their shared admiration for fabrics and pure forms and it’s a complete collection of  delicious trousers, shirts and jackets. (see photo beneath). Sun may kiss nudists, but fashion doesn’t.