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Posted on March 19, 2013 by Isabella Cecconi

I usually love to discover and talk about brand new widely opened third eyes (i.e. unknown photographers), but sometimes I can’t do anything in front of the neatness of renowned photographers. This is the case of Graeme Mitchell. Born in Manitoba, Canada, in 1980, he grew up in various small towns in the Pacific NW where he studied Literature. He later moved to NYC where he is now based and is currently concentrated on portrait and fashion works. In his hands, photography has immense possibilities, his shots are neat and precise, his fashion portraits are stunning and devoted to display the plainess of the subject. Models, actors, dancers, Graeme Mitchel has a talent for rendering his subjects vivid in clarity and definition. The composition, the color scheme, the most minute expression of a model’s face works towards the overall theme of the photograph. There is no detail in these photographs that is out of place or by chance so that to become an effusing praise for the photographic art.

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