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Posted on November 12, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

On Sunday night I was watching the EMA’s and I realized…I’m not a  teenager any longer. How sad. Not even a twenty something to tell you the truth. Everything seemed  foolish and over the top to me. A full fanfare. Outfits, lights, choreographs were over the top. So no wonder the pop music world is not my cup of tea any longer, it’s just a matter of hormones. The show was amazing in a way and I was laughing at every single pop star’s outfit,  Eminem excluded. To me, they were all wearing impressive and exaggerated Halloween leftovers costumes. If the EMA is done for young people, and fashion is a big part of it, do they really want to see that? Being young is about being complicated, complicating simple things and being attracted by complicated stuffs. Being mature is about dreaming to be young again and live easily, straightforward. I like when it’s cool, and young and uncomplicated like the brand Rika. Take the “Marlon Sweater” in this picture. It’s rock, it’s girlish, it’s simple, it’s no Halloween. It’s just an ironic sweater worn with a white shirt and a black skirt. Is there anything more perfect than that? In times where brands are forcing decorations to capture clients, Rika delivers  a clothing line that likes to whisper instead of shouting. Founded in 2005 by ex Svedish stylist Ulrika Lundgren, Rika is working with success on clothing modern pieces and amazing handcrafted chemical free leather accessories for a modern woman that is bold and high-spirited.