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Posted on July 12, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

Gabriele would you just stop moving?! No everybody he won’t. I must admit that it hasn’t happened often to meet to encounter such a wanderer. Knowing Gabriele is a journey to restlessness. Photographer, jumper, musician, book reader, cook, eventually worldwide couch surfer. Gabriele Galimberti can be one or many things altogether. Tuscan by birth, he has soon realized he was citizen of the world. So he took some of his ideas and waved his hand goodbye. Off to see the world. I’m sure you have read his stories of the couch surfing project so many times, you just had to pop a D di Repubblica magazine and go to the third or fourth page. There you could find one of his adventures followed by his beautiful pictures. Easy thing to understand is that Gabriele is an adventurer and a nomad too. Actually, once while we were having a conversation I realized he knew he was instead well rooted. Couch Surfing has been his main mean of traveling all over the world. Each country cost him lots of camera clicks, jumps and wide openings of eyes. This summer, opening on July the 18th, The Cortona On The Move Festival, will host Gabriele Galimberti’s entire world tour. This International photography Festival of travels  is one of the first of its category to be centered on this genre of photography.  Traveling, moving, migrating, being in motion are all well known conditions, common to human civilizations of all times and geographical areas and have different meanings and modalities: from the trip as a synonym of exploration, knowledge, and pilgrimage departing from streets and places and arriving to an inner journey, from escaping from responsibilities to mass tourism, from traveling due to socio-economic transitions to new forms of citizenship, to the social phenomenon of migrants and people fleeing from war, famine and climate changes. Living means motion, exploration and mind traveling both in the world and beyond. Enjoy.