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Posted on October 14, 2013 by Luisa Fazio

Us, women, from all over the world, have always been convinced that the man of our dreams existed in real life. We have embarked on a frantic search of the perfect male, being so rare. Well, we were not wrong about it…or at least not entirely. He really does exist! The invention most unique and fascinating of Nature, lives in the sea. For his unusual lifestyle, it’ s the seahorse, the prototype of the male that every female would want beside him. Among the seahorses, the males give birth to tiny pony after a ” pregnancy” during which they are recognizable by the presence of a bulging pouch. It’s full of eggs previously issued by the female and the male fertilizes the same and welcomes him into the ventral pocket that acts as an incubator. Its true equality of the sexes, baby! The females have a flat stomach, because being without ” bump “. Without neglecting the fact that seahorses (owing their name to the fact that their little heads resemble those of horses) are a symbol of marital fidelity. From perfect monogamous: the pair once formed, gallop along by keeping the same partner for life. Fair enough, don’t you think?