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Posted on December 10, 2013 by Isabella Cecconi

It will open tomorrow, wednesday the 11th of December 2013. Rome will host a retrospective on Herb Ritts, photographer of strength, dreams and the Hollywood star system. Ritts established an international reputation for his distinctive photographs of fashion models, nudes and celebrities. From the late 1970s until his untimely death from AIDS in 2002, he created photographs that successfully bridged the gap between art and commerce. Great interpreter of fashion photography, he had countless famous portrait’s sitters: Madonna, Michael Jackson, Richard Gere. His work has been exhibited in numerous museums, where shiny Versace and perfect bodies were fully immersed in light. Glossy photographs of dreamlike fashion will be all displayed. Over 100 precious photographs of different sizes, from the impressive platinum prints to the series of prints with silver salts medium format, up to large spectacular blowups will glow at the Rome Auditorium. Ritts’ style, unmistakable and powerful showed what a cultured and sensitive man he was: a lover of art and history of photography. In fact, Ritts was studying classical compositions, the plasticity of dialogue between bodies in Renaissance art when “kidnapped” by the formal rigor of the German photographer Herbert List. He then understood the mystery that lied at the bottom of those perfect compositions of light and volume.

You have time until march the 2014. Watcha waiting for? Hurry up!