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Posted on October 30, 2012 by Teresa Cannata'

You know that faith in flats starts wavering when your heart skips a beat for a certain pair of high heels. This rarely occurs to me – I’m a girl of strong beliefs – but when it does, well, it’s an unforgettable love. I’ve got a thing for plastic shoes and in general for shoes made of artificial materials: I think their “futuristic” vibe is extremely appealing and kind of glamourous. Put all these elements together and you’ll see why I’m currently lemming Valentino Rockstud transparent slingbacks.

You’ve probably seen these shoes in every possible fashion magazine and fashion blog. High-heeled, flat, in red or leopard, the Rockstuds have been a huge hit for the Italian maison. The newest version appeared in the spring/summer 2013 fashion show: it resembles its predecessors, but it has given quirky details. It’s basically a pointy-toe slingback sandal, embellished with crystal-studded transparent buckled ankle straps and a 100 mm plexiglass heel. The transparent heel immediately screams “Cinderella’s glass slippers” to me, but it is also reminiscent of fashion-forward shoes from the 50s and of stripper shoes

I don’t know how fashionistas will wear these shoes but here are two outfits I would use them with. Please bear with my obsession for the rock t-shirt/haori jacket combo 😉 No wonder that I would pair them to Adriano Goldschmied 14yr cropped ex-boyfriend jeans, a Dead Can Dance t-shirt (seen on Benjamin Kirchhoff; I love it), a Japanese meisen haori with abstract print and a snake bracelet by Anna Dello Russo for H&M. The same shoes could be paired to a vintage sable mink capelet, a Jenny Packham beaded evening dress and Anna Dello Russo for H&M crystal earrings.