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Posted on May 8, 2013 by Isabella Cecconi

Some pictures or images are part of everybody’s culture. There are shots, that are compulsively been showed on media and everybody knows them. Those photos are familiar figures to us, some of the pop culture or generally what we consider icons. We will always link a blond diva to a Marilyn Monroe or a slim, tall man with curved funky moustaches to a Salvaor Dali, for instance. It’s, let’s say, the main stream of images flowing. Photographer Olga Laris, is a maestro in color and shots. Allthrough her career she has been working on commercials, fashion, music bands. On her web page there’s an endless list of clients. Her images, I can admit, are sharply neat and beautiful, her photography seems a mixture of compulsive beauty’s constant research and a curious feeling of blossoming seriousness. In 2012 her serie “Iconics” aimed to reseize the idea of icons by putting into scene kids dressed up like icons. So there was a Frida Khalo, Jean-Michel Basquiat or a little Any Warhol. Famous little artists, let’s say. Anyone decorating his or her head with flowers will be associated with Frida Khalo but no imitation will never be confused with the original. “The Iconics” have been an ode and tribute to our culture itself, to a deliberate tribute to our culture’s cross-dressing as social dynamics of mass culture. Enjoy Olga Lari’s photography, it’s a third eye opening experience!