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Posted on October 29, 2012 by Anna Torossi

I’m hopelessly in love with fall. The chilly air and the falling leaves’ colors have an unquestionable charm on me. Moreover, I love getting dressed in this season, because I can wear warm, but not heavy, sweaters and thick tights, that are my favorite ones. Combine this with a ’70s allure and you’ll understand why I adore the fall/winter Lazzari collection. Its style is a combination of grown-up items and fairytale inspired prints, perfect for young women that want to dress properly without being too serious. The prevalent color in the collection is brown, declined in almost every possible shade, with incursions of blue and red, and romantic prints like hearts, fawns and unicorns. My favorite items are the brown fawn-printed shorts and the red Montgomery with heart-shaped elbow patches  that makes me think of a modern little red riding hood. The must have of this collection is surely the blue outlined cape: warm and romantic with the little bow on the back it reminds me of “Moonrise Kingdom”‘ Suzy Bishop style.