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Posted on August 26, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

It’s time to think about Fall, even if summer goes on in south Europe- South America. Lately, fashion is… just all about your geographical location. A bit of summer there, a bit of winter here. While someone is buying a bikini, another one, very far away, is buying a wool jumper. For those women that need to stay warm, I recommend nothing new but … a coat. Doesn’t matter if you are a gal or a cougar, the next season won’t see any puffy jackets , nor parkas, around. It’s coat time and if you haven’t yet, get one as soon as possible. My proposal, I’m still endorsing young emerging designers after all, is by Isabell De Hillerin. A young Berliner that founded his fashion house in 2010 and who has it clear: minimalism always wins and can be minimal even with embroidery and decoration touches. De Hillerin designs in a sensitive way and her interpretation of contemporary and sustainable fashion is remarkable. Time constants: a combination of clean, innovative cuts and folkloric handmade Romanian and Moldovan materials to be mixed in the name of  elegance and pizzaz. Pictured above is a coat from her fall-winter 2014 which makes no exception. It’s a pure garment: an egg shaped coat that also reminds coleopters. It has a practical yet warm high neck and it speaks clearly: this is artisanal, this is a timeless piece, this is for many winters to come.