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Posted on February 7, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

Depending on the dictionary, like-minded means in accord, compatible, harmonious, having a similar or identical opinion, disposition, etc.etc. It’s for this kind of people that TWOTHIRDS created its clothing line.

“Our planet is covered by two-thirds ocean. Our ocean gave us the gift of life. In turn the inspiring immensity of our ocean gave us our name: TWOTHIRDS. Our ocean makes us who we are and gives us immeasurable joy. We at TWOTHIRDS aim to address like-minded people; those who are awake and aware of the immense value of our oceans, people deeply connected to surfing and those who have a thirst for substance and style.”

TWOTHIRDS was founded in San Sebastian, Europe`s premier surf-city, some time ago just in front of the Ocean.  There you will find their concept store that is situated 50 meters from the Atlantic Ocean in `Calle Aldamar` 38.  At TT they use 10% of their gross profit margin to actively support measures to protect and preserve oceans as well as create awareness and educate . TT is a company that is trying to minimize the impact of any kind of fabric treatment using chlorine free wools, veg tan leather, untreated garments and by limiting the amount of colors in order  to minimize water usage. TT use Organic Cotton and has replaced its polyester bags with a packaging that is completely biodegradable.  Searching for the masculine-sporty perfect wardrobe? The virtuoso brand has a lot to offer for Spring Summer 2013 in term of simply yet pratical garments and present it with an intense series of photographs shooted aboard of  a restored sailing boat by designer and art director Sven Hoffman. The spirit of a day sailing somewhere around the Basque Cuontrys in search for the best surfing spots it’s all in this collection: masculine and sexy. Visit TWOTHIRDS website to discover the entire collection.