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Posted on July 4, 2012 by admin

The temptation to write about haute couture was uncontrollable. With the first Raf at Dior and other marvellous fashion shows, there was plenty to discuss about. But here at The Harlow we tend to give an advice instead of creating fantasies. Who cares (of course we do) about millionaire dresses when all we madly want is an escape to the beach? Boom. I think it’s better to write about swim shorts. First, because Paris “Haute” had been covered enough, second because this is a necessity now and I’m not joking about it.  I always  wake up one week before departures realizing I don’t have any beachwear left if not a DSquared “porno” slip from the summer of 2003 and I don’t wear g-strings. I don’t shave so wildly any longer, I prefer to hide, I’m older. Ergo I need something to wear at the beach and I remembered of  marvellous Orlebar Brown‘s beachwear. Actually they have the best swimwear (and not only) and their fancy approach, more preppy than sporty, is my cup of tea. Orlebar Brown was launched in 2007 by photographer Adam Brown. Designs are both practical and comfortable, while the tailored approach means that those swim shorts are also smart enough to wear for a cocktail by the pool. This stylishly tailored brand is also celebrating its fifth anniversary and is courrently offering a limited edition shorts featuring iconic imagery from the Getty Images archive, with 10% of all proceeds going to the Blue Marine Foundation. Last minute swimwear shop? Mad about Orlebar.