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Posted on June 13, 2012 by admin

Palazzo Ducale di Genova hosts “Dalla Parte Dell’Uomo” an anthological show of one of the greatest Italian photo reporters, Mario Dondero. Famous for the high level of his work captured during numerous decades, Donderdo delivers us images and stories that have marked our contemporaneity. Photos known and unpublished realized in every part of the world. Portraits of artists and literates but also faces of common people. In fifty years of travels on the tracks of his maestro, Robert Capa, Dondero portraits wars, social and political conflicts: all captured and immortalized by its objective with a trademark spirit. Between his “pearls” the famous photo that gathers the collapse of the Wall in Berlin or the one shooted in 1959 in front of the Editionses de Minuit (above) which immortalizes Claude Simon, Claude Mauriac, Jérôme Lindon, Robert Pinget, Nathalie Sarraute and Claude Ollier. All writers that belonged to the tide of the nouveau roman immortalized in this little work of perfection famous all over the world for showing such “minds” like school childs waiting for their next class.