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Posted on July 9, 2012 by Clara G

Red is the colour of blood, passion and emergency. If you  know me a little bit, you would easily say that it should be my favourite colour, but I don’t use it normally. It doesn’t fit me at all. I have tried hard  but it doesn’t work with me. Not even the classical lipstick suits me, maybe it is because of my super pale skin, or maybe because of my blonde hair. But there is one exception, fortunately you can always find one, which are the red soles. They always fit and  everybody  loves them and I’m not an exception. My Louboutin sandals, high heeled, with platform and pattern leather, they have everything to be recognized as a fashion fetish element. They can also be elegant but they always will have this cancán touch, the footprint of the femme fatal. When you stand up in them, it is not that you are able to see the world in another way, it’s the world that looks at you in a different way. These sandals were not my only option: at first I chose a pair of Silver Stilettos but they were so high heeled that I couldn’t event go from the sofa to the mirror then  I tried these ones. They are much more comfortable and alluring, and still very Louboutin. I feel the world in a different way when walking with them along my beloved Berlin, that is a matter of fact.