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Posted on May 29, 2012 by Clara G

I was travelling back to Madrid from London one year ago, reading a magazine and suddenly… I saw it ! It was my favorite bracelet, the one I use to wear everyday. It was “him”  but it was on Elizabeth Taylor’s arm. I felt really surprised and of course very proud. I don’t have jewels, just a few pieces and for me it is some kind of an honor to think that Liz once wore this same bracelet. My husband bought it for me a few years ago in Berlin, it is a vintage Cartier Panther  made of gold and steel from the 80’s. I always have dreamed to have a Cartier Panther and I wanted it to be a little old fashioned. I love objects with their own past and particular taste. In my opinion, as they are designed, panthers in this jewel don’t look wild at all. They look sweet and protective and they remember me when my son was a little baby. The bracelet was a present for his birth and this is my very personal symbol of maternity, responsibility and love.


Liz and her Panthere Bracelet.

Clara G and her “precious” one