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Posted on August 31, 2012 by Clara G

I can remember the impact of  Yves Saint Laurent fall/winter 2003 collection. It was a real shock, a clear breaking point in the history of such an iconic Fashion House. It was a real war announcement between Tom Ford and Yves Saitn Laurent. Somehow the revolutionary an shy Yves became a grey designer, quite correct, but no more, very little else to say for someone that had said almost everything in fashion. And then the irruption of the king of porn chic: the marketing expert arriving in Paris with all those impossible collections and models nearly nude in transparent-minimum dresses. Too much for the genius of Saint Laurent who started to hate Ford and began a personal war against the new designer of “his” Maison. Clearly, after some time, Yves had never been losing a battle, not even this one.

I love Yves Saint Laurent but I have to admit that I also love Tom Ford. Since the beginning I was in love with him. His designs for Gucci were more than creating simple dresses, it was a new attitude, another kind of liberation. Sometimes too explicit, sometimes too easy but why do they think that women are so complicated? It’s not, and Ford understands us… pretty good ! The first time I wore this top, that belongs to that 2003 Ysl collection, it was for a party, the opening of London Frieze Art Fair.  I arrived there, took off my coat -it was raining outside of course- and a very close friend of mine told me “well done Clara, get in that room and kill all the women inside !!”. True, as I discovered later, that top was “killer”. Somehow it works like this. This top is made to caught the eye of the other women. It’s simple, easy to wear, with this unmistakable”Fordish” touch that you notice in the eyes of the others. This garment only lives in the body. It means nothing when hanged in a shop, nothing when you look at it laying on your bed beacuse, this top is made to reveal the body inside, the woman inside. That controversial collection was very popular in fashion magazines of course but YSL customers didn’t understand it. Literally it was a failure and very soon after Ford left YSL and took a pause from the system. He had gone too far, too soon. And now that he is back, I hope it will be for good.