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Posted on June 28, 2012 by Clara G

Gianni Versace is not my favourite designer: too baroque, too obvious. He was a star, that’s for sure. He simply represents the euphoria of the 80’s, an optimistic and savage moment we are all sometimes missing. I can’t avoid remembering Princess Diana during his funeral in July 1997.  So tall, so blond, with her pearl necklace. You could easily see that she was special… another star, neither my favourite, soon to be disappeared. Two years later I found a skirt in a small fashion outlet in Madrid, the silk fabric was painted with diamonds. It fitted me very good, looked like made for me. It was a Versace piece, from the 1998 Fall Collection, the second one designed by Donatella, but it looked quite like the last Gianni. Shiny but a little dark. This skirt was my first designer piece and nowadays, when I wear it, I still do, I always think about Gianni, Diana and that damned summer, when even my own life started to change. As many of you, I will never forget the summer of 97.


The Versace Fall 1998 Campaign by Steven Meisel