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Posted on September 28, 2012 by Selvaggia Greco

Once upon a time there was a hunter, but not a common hunter!
He didn’t hunt beasts, not even birds, witches or ghosts: he was a precious objects hunter.
He travelled and visited different places around Europe to discover forgotten rarities, unused furniture, undiscovered treasures. Fascinated as a small child by architecture and design, deciding to learn these subjects at school was for him as natural as breathing.
Of course he travelled to Venice to study what he loved.
There he smelled its creative breeze of history and art, falling into Neoclassicism style and Rome “Caput Mundi” history, by that time he started running after their myths.
The step to turn into an antiquary was brief: he kept searching his “quarries” everyday concentrating his hunting not only into furniture, but also into antique interior design objects and collectables too.
Wunderkammer attracted him: through his items and furnishing he loved recreating everyday intimate places made of small, but extraordinary things.
His passion was strong but not complete…
He used to dream about his childhood days, when his mum carefully chose his beloved clothes: the perfection of the details and quality of the finishing had remained intact in his mind.
He desired to live again a piece of that perfection; he wanted to bring back to life that unique sensation.
He decided to enrich his fortune: he landed to Vintage!
Obviously, as for antiques, he maintained his attention for selection. He wouldn’t collect every old cloth or second-hand accessory he’d found, not even get somebody’s used linen or glasses, watchfully he concentrated his research on luxurious Vintage: CHANEL, Hermes, Dior, Gucci and many more…
Just one name is forgotten: what’s his name? What’s the name of this marvellous hunter???
Corrado is the name: CORRADO Luxury …of course!

The End