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Posted on December 11, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

How Harlow  is this? On  a clear day looking over the Channel, the white cliff of Dover come into view. The Famous “Dentelle De Calais” was there:  one of the most beautiful laces in the world. On a clear day, the Pas De Calais concept was born. Inspired by the rich heritage of this region, its way of living, its marvelous and delicate lace. The purity and the nostalgia of that region inspired a brand that is based on modern casual design with a romantic touch. Launched in 1998 Pas De Calais embodies the best of the East and West. With a deep respect for tradition, fine quality and natural beauty, this Tokyo-based women’s wear label combines Japanese technical innovation and French timeless classics creating a balanced elegance that is full of subtle surprises. Proposing realistic ready-to-wear and accessories with impeccable taste and materials, Pas De Calais captures the essence of casual modern design. After opening its first store in Tokyo in 1998, Pas De Calais now has 20 stores in Japan. Stocked throughout the world in the finest boutiques and department stores Pas De Calais will be opening in Spring 2013 its first Flagship store in Soho, New York.  The Pas De Calais Spring Summer 2013 was the  right moment to simplify and go back to nature.

The collection was designed like a painter’s canvas to which color, lines and feelings are added to create an enchanting composition. This season’s color palette of pure whites, pale greens, soft yellows and grey hues convey ideas of peace, hope and tranquility. Using hand spun and hand-woven fabrics like silks, cashmere, washed cotton and linens, these natural materials represent the Pas De Calais identity, relaxed fashion with a touch of decadence revealed in raw edges, studding details and edgy accessories like embroidered scarves, metallic painted shoes and sandals, leather tote bags and belts. Elegant knitwear made with high-count yarns so delicate that draping is created naturally. Cut and sew techniques, highlight easy silhouettes leading to the Pas De Calais ethos that fashion should be a way to satisfy oneself. The colors and textures of the Spring 2013 collection promote organic ideas of regeneration: new life, new seasons, new beginnings for a hopeful future. How Harlow is this?