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Posted on October 8, 2013 by Isabella Cecconi

Patrik Faigenbaum, yes, the international acclaimed photographer. The one whose portraits of Italian families directly come from his personal pictorial experience and from the expressively  powerful tradition of photography itself. Parisian by birth, Patrik Faigenbaum has travelled throughout Europe creating portraits of people and places. Initially trained as a painter, his images are real photographic tableaux, where shadows and light melt revealing intimacy, capturing the nuances of the situations and people he has encountered. His portraits become an essential motif, depicting the human and the place. It seems like there’s Avedon or Eugene Smith or Brandt influence as subjects are always portrayed in their environment instead of a studio. To my point of view his masterpieces are his portraits of Italian aristocratic families. From Oct the 4th until Jan the 19th 2014, Rome’s Académie de France will display Feigenbaum works, we should all have the chance to visit the exhibition. Noblesse, oblige.