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Posted on December 11, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

I imagine everybody is in a hurry for the very last Christmas gift. I’m not in this category thank god, I could never survive the anxiety of a last minute run into crowded shops. In case you are still crazy and on the run, here is Pijama. Such a good idea. Useful and colorful, very well designed, friendly in many ways, Pijama offers a wide range of cases (Ipad, MacBook, Iphone) and an irresistible variety of accessories. From sleeping masks, to slippers passing by a really fresh, and cool, line of duffle bags and backpacks. Smart is in the air at their Via Pastrengo 11 headquarters. Pijama is a 2006 project founded by Monica Battistella and Sergio Gobbi. Monica is a fashion designer, Sergio is an architect. The duo initially started creating neoprene cases to protect technological gadgets and continued later extending the collection with a careful choice of fabrics and new designs. Simple and straightforward, Pijama is an ambitious project that is already best seller all over the world and that you will find in best museum shops and boutiques like Madewell and International Center Of Photography in New York. To preserve plus colour up  your devices and everyday objects, to save them from time, to take them around. Pijama!