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Posted on July 4, 2013 by Editorial Staff

A.I., Artisanal Intelligence, (curated ever since by Alessio de Navasques and Clara Tosi Pamphili),  is a platform which aims to unite Art, Craftmanship and Fashion in the name of Made in Italy. The new realities of Italian Craftmanship promoted by Altaroma combine to create an archive that will be continually updated. With an itinerary that will unfold among galleries, places of art and fashion houses, the city will unveil its strength with manual skills. A.I. Fair and A.I. Gallery will thus be a living wunderkammer that celebrates the mind and spirit between craftmanship and modern art. This season’edition, A.I. Racconta will show the creativity that Roma has always inspired, as part of a Fellinian film. Artists and fashionmakers will be capable of evoking subconscious worlds with solid cultural archetypes. Rome’s Fashion is daughter of performance and spectacle, and has always been closer to the cinema than to the catwalk: a Neocouture of unique pieces, bespoke works of art, inspired by the millennial culture, from the palaces and the churches and the sound of the fountains. Roma Caput Divina celebrates this new creativity, and A.I.Fair and A.I. Gallery will exhibit a selection of Artists and FashionMakers that have elaborated the same concept: a sort of Company of Knights that have gathered to open up new ways to solve the crisis. Fashion Collections and contemporary accessories, created by young people capable to express a search for content and materials, mixed with the work of artists that create images and products: the ability to demonstrate the power of the breaking down the walls of creative confinement.  

A.I.Fair and A.I.Gallery ROMA CAPUT DIVINA 8th and 9th of July 2013

above picture by Mustafa Sabbagh