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Posted on December 17, 2013 by Isabella Cecconi

How cool are they? When breezy days aren’t over there’s nothing left to do than being wrapped in a fun pattern pullover or in this case, shooting with a the new winter editions of Lomo! Experimenting with crazy colour filters and magical optical effects, the Sardine and the Diana F are magical cameras. Canvas covered with Christmas themed prints in festive colours, La Sardine St. Moritz with its wide-angle perspective is a very practical also convenient camera as it uses all types of 35mm film, making it easy and ideal for any crazy, sporty and adventurous holidays. At the same time, the Diana F+ Chamonix is great if you want to shoot in squares and create dreamy medium-format photos.Getting ready for an analogue retreat? Scandinavian-inspired woolly jumper will have a hard time as you will embrace amazing snow-covered views, Christmas markets, and your family’s outfits in New Years Eve party. Lomo, a winter wonderland.