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Posted on September 6, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

Jeff Wall is alluring to the point of transfixion. His photography is so outright gorgeous and intensely pleasurable that you can bet to have the Stendhal syndrome when seeing it. Images link together society, art, history, and most of all the human animal. Wall’s photographs start from a sort of painting tradition: landscape, still life later evolving into street photography. Jeff Wall is basically a photo realist, and uses the communicative power of photography to pierce our eyes. Born in Vancouver, in 1946, this Canadian outstanding photographer is one of the most traditional/untraditional artists to emerged from the 1970s. His circle in Vancouver which includes camera-friendly Cindy Sherman, was created by photo prodigy and artistic bloomers. He has frequently been called a modern storyteller whose work is shaped by western art and literature. On november the 30th 2012 until may the 17th 2013 the Ian Potter Centre with National Gallery of Victoria, Australia will host a unique opportunity to see 26 photographs of the artist spanning from the 70’s till nowadays including large scale works.