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Posted on June 13, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

As the infamous sub tropical African anticyclone is approaching old Europe and finally summer is arriving, it’s clearly time to think about fall winter. As you know, we like to visually prepare our readers in order to arrive to the next shopping season with an educated eye. So here is our first proposal and we are talking about cashmere. King of wools, warming illustrious, body best friend.  Muusa Luxury Loungewear is an Italian brand specialized in Luxury Spa and Resort apparel straight from Umbria, the Italian region  internationally renowned for its standards of excellence in cashmere craftsmanship. Muusa creates top quality, easy  and comfortable pieces that are soft, warm and made with yarns that reach ethereal lightness thanks to the cutting edge technology involved in the production process. A strong, yet very light yarn that provides the highest levels of purity and fiber control. Muusa collection is also multifunctional and every single garment can be worn in different ways according to mood and occasion. Write it down on the top of your list and remember this name for your next cashmere shop. Muusa is a great great option.