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Posted on May 24, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

Personally, I’m in a Mexican mode. The more I visit the country the more I appreciate their joie de vivre. You can only fall in love for a place where you can still smoke, drink and dance the same time. Some days ago I went to a cozy nice club called Clasico Polanco  and I moved to tears. It was like a 10 years ago European venue: wild, friendly, free. In a country where you can still have fun and the word austerity doesn’t exist, you can find energy, inspiration. I’m also a big fun of  Mexican artisanal products. They have a high dose of irony, like this Sugar Lupe Ring by Mödernaked , a young Spanish label conceived by Juan Simon and Solange Carneiro. The Sugar Lupe ring is Handcrafted, made with polished brass and varnishly  finished. It’ comes in white, green, black enamel. It’s the Mexican fun on your fingers.