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Posted on October 22, 2013 by Editorial Staff

They say that smiling is the best option you have. Always, even when a situation is not happy at all or when you need to comfort and calm people around you. Even a fake smile is better than any other reaction you can have because it activates numerous muscles and improves, in a strange way, quantity of endorphins in your blood. In few word, smiling is like going to the gym: the more you go, the more they like you, the more you like yourself. Supersmile, created by father of aesthetic dentistry  Doctor Irwin Smigel, is a complete line of products that takes care of your most important face part, your real “business card”, your smile . As winter is approaching, here is a fundamental “friend” to face extremely cold temperatures. The Supersmile Lip Treatment rejuvenates and softens dry, chapped lips with a richly emollient moisture made of sweet almond oil and soluble collagen that boost firmness, elasticity and fullness. Hyaluronic acid reinforces the lipid barrier while Shea butter provides protection from environmental aggressors. Supersmile Lip Treatment is a Harlow’s  favorite for better smile, better life.