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Posted on October 2, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

She is a Harlow’s favourite since years. Is she an emerging?  Is she an established designer? Alessia Xoccato is none of the two. She is established in the sense that she has a very strong continuity, collection after collection, and she is emergent in terms of simplicity because she is allergic to over structures as she tries to keep it smart and conceptual. Despite years in fashion, she maintains her strong values and we are more than happy of this. In a period where emergent are desperate to create more  for their instagram followers than for their clients, enlarging their logos to 10 cm and make it as Kenzo as possible,  it’s good to see that Alessia is making it well without making a fuss. Lately, she has been presenting her collections at the International Fashion Week “Moroshka Fashion Week” that took place at the Peter and Paul Fortress from August 22 to August 25. And it was a success.  And successful, in term of press,  was also this fall collection 2013 that takes inspiration from Brancusi’s sculptures and the atmosphere of David Lynch’s  films. Xoccato designed a wardrobe for a woman that lives in the ordinary but also in the extraordinary, that is confident but open to new adventures. Alcantara, boucle’ wool, fake fur, multilayer lace and silk are the materials while the silhouette is always clean and totally modern. Made in Italy with love and for people that lives, and wear, fashion in real life.

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Posted on September 11, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

Few adjective can describe collections by Alessia Xoccato: essential, clean, wearable. The Italian designer, born in Vicenza, delivers an ensable (in stores now) that is totally in line with her philosophy and her way of perceiving fashion. Apparently far from selling politics that impose to Italian designers the creation of clothes destined to a client over the top living in exotic places, Alessia thinks about women she knows. Coherent with the past, her new pieces are a logic story tha pass by the creation of new elements like the fantastic macro boucle’ fabric used for scarfs, bags, vests. Little coats also are masterpieces. Cut to kill, like dressess: made for “walking” from daytime till night, for real. Xoccato clients can abuse of her clothes, never be bored and avoid side effects. The not  aggressive razor shaped silhouette, typical of the designer, never leads to vulgarity and in her intent of being different and creating something new/wearable,  Xoccato never disappoints.

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