Posted on March 4, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

The survival of  his creations depends exclusively by periodic fluctuations of the level of sea water. For six hours and twelve minutes, approximately, during low-water mark when the sea withdraws its waves, we can enjoy the beauty. Andres Amador, from San Francisco, is an artist who has made a super eco-friendly choice: he uses the beach as a canvas, the natural environment as a frame. With a garden rake and a stick, he waits for the full moon to draw on the sand very imaginative embroideries, creating a play of light and dark. They aren’t usual sand castles but flourishes, flowers, geometric shapes sacred inspired, labyrinths. They can be as large as one thousand square meters. Ephemeral, transient, for that reason unique and extraordinary. Eternal only in our memory after the sea took them away forever. Oblivious that his signs do not leave a mark, the artist expresses the concept of the temporary passage, lasting ephemeral of all things, the enjoyment of the beauty of that moment. Carpe diem, another drawing will appears in six hours!