Posted on March 28, 2013 by admin

Antoni Arola is nowadays one of the most outstanding figures in Spanish design. His work is characterized by its great versatility, which has allowed him to fulfill brilliantly the design either of a perfume bottle or of his renown lamps. Arola’s first experience in the lighting field was in 1994, when he designed a series of lamps. In 1997, he designed the Nimba lamp for Santa & Cole, a lamp with a shape of a light halo that received the ADI-FAD Award. Fascinated by Africa and by the extraordinary designs of satellites and spaceships, his work is pervaded with the subtle influence of shapes and icons of other cultures. Nimba is a circle of light which floats like a halo. The Nimba lamp consists of a metallic frame which is inserted a diffuser shade which stores a series of small Xenon light bulbs. This luminous circle is suspended by three copper cables. Made up of a suspended circular metal profile with the audacity of a white inner shade, it owes its name to being “like the nimbus or aureole of holy images, which may be seen, but are not thereā€. Designed for architectural lighting, into an extremely subtle, almost celestial indoor lamp offering an extensive, non-aggressive luminous radiation. Simply beautiful design!

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