Posted on November 15, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

Lately I have been  obsessively asking myself about the point of keeping a large amount of magazines and books when technology allows to have everything in a click.  All that precious space I could use for something else, would I throw out everything for some fresh air? We are so used to have an information/picture in seconds that we all run to Google forgetting our “papers” . Why do we rely on Gg so much? Answer, we are just lazy cows.  As I observe all mayor historic  newspapers auctioning their photographic archives, I can’t help but wonder why this people is selling their “privileged” knowledge . I have been researching for some fashion photographs online and there was no trace of them. Important shootings made by masters, I’m not talking about any niche stuff.  And suddenly  the weight, and price, of books was making sense again. The only way to reach a precise information is all there in your exclusive “boutique of knowledge”. Continue Reading →