Posted on May 25, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

It ‘s  a magic potion divided into 9 small bulbs wrapped in a white case enclosing a softblack foam lined with bright nuggets. To be generously spread all over your face with a luxurious black brush (included). This innovative and effective texture aims to enlighten, unify and regenerate skin in just one step. Single doses  make it less necessary  use of  preservatives and water leaving more space for active ingredients and making of this potion a particularly effective, concentrated formula. It illuminates through a powerful active substance that has a peculiar ability to receive and reflect light amplifying it thus eliminating the appearance of dull and opaque skin. A special extract of elderberry eliminates the action of free radicals, the result of cellular stress and tarnish,  giving  skin a healthy and bright look. Continue Reading →