Posted on July 27, 2012 by admin

It was a torrid afternoon in Madrid and I was walking down Calle Barquillo. So hot I was not even tempted by shopping, I just needed a good refreshing sugarfree drink. And then I saw this recently opened shop and the windows were so full of nice clothes. Tachan tachan (how they say in Spain when something appears out of the blue).The image of the brand was so neat and unpretentious that I entered the shop. And there I was leapt, the Bellerose World, such a candid place. Created in 1989 by Patrick van Heruck, it all started as a menswear collection followed by womans and kids line. Inspired by workwear, military and oldschool clothes, Bellerose has been a pionneer in reinventig timeless pieces and bringing them into the presents. Continue Reading →