Posted on February 8, 2013 by admin

When it comes to Bocce, it doesn’t matter age or sex, everybody can play it and knows how to play it. Simply because it’s easy. It’s an Italian evergreen, it’s the typical migrants game, the popular community sport. It’s popular because everyonow can play. It’s an inexpensive game of thought and strategy that brings families and friends together. Come on, Bocce is Bocce! The basic principle is to roll a bocce ball closest to the target ball called “pallino”. It’s a knock out game, where players or teams usually have fun. Real Bocce players usually own their own sets. This nice wooden kit from Terrain comes with a cloth bag that holds the balls and contains 8 wooden balls, one pallino. It’s hand painted and handmade in the US.And now set the game and…’al volo’!