Posted on February 19, 2013 by Anna Torossi

You already know I have an incredible fascination for fairy tales and that’s probably the reason why I like so much this incredible Chanel Resort 2013 dress. The very first time I saw it was when I purchased the latest issue of Lula Magazine and I had the option to choose the cover: I had no doubt. The soft pastel tones, like  spring in watercolors and the cute, little, white flowers applied on the bodice make this item perfect to feel like in a fairy tale. This piece is part of a very girly collection inspired by eighteenth century Versailles, with panniers and lots of decorations. I also love this dress because it’s much less structured than others and embellishments are not as ostentatious.

To be honest, in a dress like this I would probably look even younger than I already do. It makes me think about Sunday afternoons in spring, when flowers are in full bloom,  and I daydream looking at the sky. I must say that, in this foggy days and with the cold season still ahead, the thought of this dress is very promising. So, I’ll keep looking at it and  imagine all the scenarios that inspires and waiting for Spring to come: at times dresses can be carriers that take you to places where you need to be when you can’t be.